Send me out ministries was founded by Gilbert Hovsepian.
Gilbert was born and raised in Iran in a persecuted family and church community. In the midst of the persecution, he witnessed God’s power in action as he saw many Muslims come to Christ through his father’s evangelism. Gilbert lost his father, Rev. Haik Hovsepian, when Gilbert was 17. His father was kidnapped and brutally martyred, having been stabbed to death 26 times.

The persecution continued even after the martyrdom, which caused Gilbert to seek God’s face even more. During those desperate times, Gilbert went through the 6 steps mentioned below and “Send Me Out” became his prayer and calling which later turned into a song and a ministry.

In Isaiah chapter six, Isaiah went through six (6) distinct steps:

  1. He saw the lord
  2. He saw himself
  3. God cleansed Isaiah
  4. Isaiah heard God
  5. Isaiah responded, “Here I am, SEND ME”
  6. God sent Isaiah to his purpose

Send me out ministries creates opportunities for people to see God’s goodness (step 1) which in return takes them to the remaining steps (2-6).
Jesus made this invitation when he said “COME to me, and I will give you rest” but later he commanded us to “GO, and make disciples”. So we come and experience; then we go out and share that experience.

Despite his father’s brutal martyrdom by the Islamic extremists in Iran in 1994, Gilbert was able to not only forgive them but by God’s grace, go out, serve and minister the gospel of Jesus Christ through international media means. Gilbert has traveled to numerous countries and to more than 200 churches worldwide, ministering through music, media, worship, and teaching. His international satellite programs have affected thousands of lives bringing many to the knowledge of Jesus Christ.